The Top 3 Things That Cause the Most Damage in Winter

The Top 3 Things That Cause the Most Damage in Winter

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Winter is just around the corner. That means spending time with family, friends, maybe even taking a little vacation to some place warmer…

The Top 3 Things That Cause the Most Damage in Winter

It also means the possibility of winter weather doing some serious damage to your home. Here are the 3 most common and most destructive problems caused by cold weather and snow, and ones you should be especially wary of if you’re leaving town for the winter:

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No heat and frozen pipes

If you leave your home unoccupied and unheated during the winter, it’s not unusual for your home to get so cold that your pipes begin to freeze and even burst. This can cause thousands of dollars in water damage and flooding.

Storm damage to roof and/or property

When a winter storm hits, it could wreak havoc on your home. High winds can tear off shingles from your roof, or knock down heavy trees onto your home, car or property. Heavy snowfall could pile up on your roof, creating holes, leaks or even an ice dam – which occurs when snow on the roof melts, runs to the edge and refreezes there, forcing water back up under the roof where it can cause leaks and shingle deterioration.

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Heating System Failures

There are also a number of other problems that can occur due to winter weather – issues with plumbing, electricity, power outages, blown circuits, heating, and snow pileup are all possibilities that could cause major damage.

These problems can cause thousands of dollars of damage in no time. If you’re not around to assess and call the proper specialists to make repairs, you could be returning from your nice peaceful vacation to destruction, stress and even financial debt.

That’s why we’ve created the Korth Ultimate Winter Protection Plan – a personalized property management system to fit your needs while you’re away. If you’re interested in learning more or to get a free inspection and estimation, call us at (914) 238-5388 or send an email to

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