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Discover Answers to Your Common Home Painting Questions

Korth & Shannahan Painting and Carpentry is Westchester County’s leader in interior and exterior residential painting services. Since 1979, we’ve completed thousands of jobs throughout New York. Throughout that time, our painting professionals have stayed up to date on the latest design trends and technology to deliver exceptional results, all while staying within our project deadline and budget. Our painters have accumulated their knowledge through training and experience, making us the go-to company for interior and exterior painting. Learn more about interior and exterior painting services. Then contact us today to schedule your estimate.

Choosing the right color for the interior or exterior of your home is a personal decision. Color is an essential part of setting tone of the space. Multiple studies have shown that color has a significant impact on our mood. If you want to achieve a calming effect, we might suggest neutral colors such as greys and light blues. However, if you’re looking to create an exciting space, reds, yellows, and orange colors are perfect. Browse our gallery and become inspired.

At Korth & Shannahan Painting and Carpentry, we follow our comprehensive process for interior and painting services that ensures you get the results you want while minimizing disruption to your normal day-to-day routine. Throughout the years, we’re refined our process so you can feel confident in our ability to complete the job on time. Our process includes:

  • Design Consultation – With over 40 years of experience, our painters can guide you through the process of selecting the right color choice for your home. Based on what style you want to achieve, our estimators will recommend the right color and style for you.
  • Project Start – Once your colors have been selected, we will get started on the project. We’ll provide you with an accurate estimate for project completion and stick to our timeline to ensure it’s completed on time. Weather is always a consideration when painting the exterior of your home, but your project foreman will keep you updated on any potential delays.
  • Project Walkthrough – Once we’ve completed the job, we walk the job with you to ensure you’re satisfied with our work. If you have any questions or issues, we’ll be happy to take care of them for you.
  • Clean-Up – As a local painting company, our reputation is important. Our painting crews will ensure that the job site is thoroughly cleaned once we’re done.

 There are numerous elements to consider when determining the project timeline for an interior paint project. When you meet with our team, we’ll consider the size of the rooms, the number of walls, and the number of paint colors. Our estimators will provide you with an accurate estimate during your consultation and will get you a quote for each project before we kick-off

Because whether is a non-factor, we can handle an interior painting job any time of the year. Exterior painting services, it’s largely weather dependent. New York has cold winters and lots of rain in the spring, making those seasons less than ideal for exterior painting. We recommend summertime service for exterior painting services.

While painting over dark colors is a more challenging task, the professionals at Korth & Shannahan Painting and Carpentry have the proper techniques and painting materials to transform dark into light. We have been painting homes for over 40 years, so we’ve learned a few tricks. Great prep work is the key to making this color change in your home.

The benefit of hiring a professional painting company to paint the interior of your home is that you’re able to use your free time however you’d like. If a room that is used frequently such as the kitchen or bathroom is being painted, you may find it easier to leave your home while we work. However, it’s entirely up to the homeowner if you’d like to stay in your home while our team works. We’re always happy to answer any questions you have about our services. For exterior projects, feel free to remain at home while we work, or maintain your normal schedule. You can always trust our fully licensed and insured team to handle treat your home like it’s our own.

There are a few preparations you can make for interior painting services to help expedite the painting process. Most importantly, we ask that you remove any valuables from the room. We’re highly trained professionals. However, accidents do happen from time to time. Removing valuable items will give you peace of mind throughout the project. Once the valuables have been removed, our team will move the furniture to the center of the room to access the walls more easily. Of course, we’ll cover any floors or furniture before beginning.

For exterior painting work, if we are starting with an exterior power wash we’ll ask you to close all of your windows and make sure the water is on before we begin. Otherwise, we don’t need any preparation – we’ll handle the rest.

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Throughout Westchester County, New York, homeowners choose Korth & Shannahan Painting and Carpentry for all their interior painting services because we’re the local leader they trust. We deliver long-lasting and beautiful results with a team of highly trained painting professionals and high-quality materials. Let our work transform the interior or exterior of your home with our painting services. Contact us today to get started with a project estimate.

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