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Is decluttering on your 2020 list?

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Marie Kondo teaches the importance of decluttering in her book and also gives you plenty of tips on how to do your decluttering.  The author has a very particular way to decide whether you should keep a item or not, all based on your emotional attachment to it. 


Doesn’t matter what exactly you are decluttering, it is key to get all the items from the same category and place them together in a pile.  This is the first step to help you figure out what you will be keeping and getting rid of.  When we put all items in one pile we have a great overview of the amount that we own and the idea that we must part with some items become obvious.  Right away, you will probably find pieces that you know you no longer want. After you make the pile it is time to find the joy.

Is it useful? Do you like knowing it is there? Does it bring up a lovely memory?  If you don’t know exactly what sparks joy really mean to you then start with items you absolutely know you want to keep, this will set the bar for the next items coming.

The Konmari Order For Decluttering

Marie Kondo suggests that we should start our decluttering process in a specific order so we get used to tidying up everyday items before we get to the hard items that have a lot of emotional value.

The order is as follow:


Books: general, magazines, cookbooks.

Paper: warranties, coupons, cards and notes, legal paper and files.

Miscellaneous (komono): this is pretty much everything else (toys, utensils, CDs, DVDs, cleaning products, office supplies, pantry and baking goods, appliances, tools and electronics).

Sentimental items: photos, trophies, special gifts, souvenirs, diaries.

So you first start with clothing before you go through other items where you likely to struggle more with letting go. Clothes are normally a huge task but the easiest to do compared to sentimental items for example.

How to prep your home for sale | Painters Westchester

Tone it down

This means toning down the area and removing anything too busy.  Whether that be a paint color or wallpaper.  This year 2020 is bringing in taupe as the new neutral.  Consider your home and pick a tone that suites your desires. 

Find A Home For Everything

Now it is time to find a place to put the items that you are going to keep.  It is important that everything has a place to live so you can keep it organized. The good news is that there should be a lot more available space since you already did the decluttering, now it is time to tidy up.  Finding a home for everything is much easier with custom built-ins or custom closets. 

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