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1. Evaluate Plant Health

Take out dead and dying plants and replace them with healthy plants suitable for your yard. Try adding different types of colorful flowers to bring life to your home’s exterior.

2. Clean Up the Yard

Remove all the dead branches, leaves, weeds, and debris. The more organized and clean your yard is, the more attractive it will look.

3. Keep Your Exterior Clutter-Free and Clean

Keep your yard as simple as possible. Stick with plants that work well in the Westchester area. Also, keep the exterior of your home clean. Power washing and a fresh coat of paint will help your exterior to stand out.

4. Bring Attention to the Front of Your Home

Plant small, low plants upfront. Place shrubs behind them and small ornamental trees in the rear. This will help to bring attention to your home, along with your beautiful front yard.

5. Plant Trees

Trees only need soil, water, sunlight and to occasionally be checked on. In return they improve air quality, help cut energy bills by providing shade, provide homes for wildlife, add beauty and deliver a substantial return on investment in exchange for relatively low-cost maintenance. Use large trees as a centerpiece to complement the scale of your home or plant trees around the outskirts of your property to add more privacy from neighboring homes.

6. Maintain the Plants in Your Yard

Well-kept trees and bushes will improve a home’s visual appeal, and also enhance the structure and longevity of your landscaping. Mulching around trees, bushes, and flower beds gives the yard a more organized appearance. It also helps retain moisture for roots and reduces weeds.

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