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Old house

The exterior of your home can really take a beating. It has to withstand sun, rain, wind, snow, and hail. Mold and mildew, build-up through the changing of the seasons. If left untreated this build-up can break down the protective qualities of your exterior finishes.

A good power washing can make a dirty or older home look fresh and new. By power washing, you can also bring curb appeal back to your home. Power washing can remove embedded dirt that could harbor mildew spores, among other harmful accumulations.

If you have never power washed your home, you might have a few questions. Good thing you came to us. Keep reading for the most important information you need to know about power washing.

  1. Why should you power wash your home’s exterior? Instead of having to climb up on a ladder and scrub the outside of your home, having it power washed uses a strong stream of water to blast accumulated dirt and grime off the exterior of your home.
  2. How often should you have your home power washed? The question of how often you power wash your home really depends on the climate and environment where you live. Due to the weather in our local area, we suggest you power wash your home at least every other year and for decks we suggest twice a year.
  3. When should you power wash your home? Weather plays an important factor when it comes to the best time to power wash your home. Being that we live in the Westchester area of New York, the best time to power wash your home is in the spring after everything has bloomed and in the autumn once all the leaves have fallen down.
  4. Do you need more than a power wash? Sometimes, your home might need a little more than good power washing. In that case, you may need to replace your siding altogether. If your home’s siding has physical damage, shows signs of heavy mold or dry rot, or is extremely faded from its original color, you might want to consider replacing it.

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