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Do you know how much money you are literally throwing out the window each year? If your home still has the original windows installed, chances are you are spending hundreds of dollars needlessly. Whether you use your air conditioner in the summer or furnace in the winter, the hot and cold air is seeping out through your windows, costing you money and wasting energy.

There is a solution, however. With insulated ultraviolet protected glass, your home can be energy efficient (go green), while providing the protection and comfort that you need. Window replacement will not only save you money, but new windows are easy to clean and require almost no maintenance. The UV protection will save your carpet and furniture from fading from too much sun, so you also save money from not having to buy new furniture every couple of years.

Pella Corporation

You will notice a difference immediately when you install energy-efficient windows in your home (green-rated). Your home will heat up faster, cool down faster, and you will use less energy. Your electric and gas bills will be greatly reduced and you’ll feel great knowing that your home is running efficiently. In the winter, the insulated ultraviolet protected glass will keep the cold air out and the heat in; in the summer, the ultraviolet glass will keep the heat out and the cooler air in; and the UV rays will not harm or fade your belongings from too much exposure. You might say that replacement windows are your “window of opportunity” to save money!

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If your windows are over 15 years old, it may be time to start thinking about replacing them. If you’ve ever sat in front of a window on a cold winter’s day and felt like you’re outside, then it is definitely time to purchase new ones.

Windows are not just for looking out of; they provide other important functions as well, such as emergency exits, ventilation, and natural lighting. They also add to the architectural integrity of a home. Beauty, style, efficiency, and functionality can be found all in one place. The money you invest in these windows will quickly give you a return when you open your electric and gas bills and notice the difference.

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