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Skill training
Skill Training
A Safe Job Site Is a Happy Job Site

Korth and Shannahan have a strong team mentality through group activities and education. We have developed a climate of willingness to adopt common practices for workmanship and most importantly, safety.

Once a month our painters, foreman, and managers get a chance to speak to the company on a topic of safety or best practices which is important to them.

This week one of our carpenters touched on several points regarding ladder safety. He talked of the importance to not rush in order to give the proper attention to techniques such as using the 4/1 ratio of an angel when using an extension ladder and the avoidance of placing things under the feet to increase its elevation.

Wilmer said some carpenters have a tendency to think they can fix anything. He impressed upon the group the importance to avoid doing this with the ladders [a brief chuckle from the group], just buy a new one. Some sound advice I believe.

Among other community-based activities, Korth and Shannahan continue to meet monthly so that our customers understand what separates us from every other painter.

Korth and Shannahan are now offering great winter rates for interior painting. For new work, call now for an appointment. 914-238-5388.

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