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Front view of a big house

Let’s be honest: black has gotten a bad home decor rap lately when it should really be considered a take on neutral. White is everywhere, and black has been kicked to the curb a little bit. Relegated to being boring, gloomy, blah blah blah. And you know, that’s just not fair to our dear dark-shaded tones. Black (and it’s other dark color pals like charcoal and navy) can have so much impact in small or large doses, without making the room feel dreary or dull. As much as we love white, grey, beige, there are just too many lovely rooms out there that use black so beautifully to let us stand back and see black maligned and ignored. So, here are 7 ways to consider using black in your home to add some drama and elegance to any room.

Before and after image of door
1. Black Painted Trim

When it comes to baseboards and crown molding, many people love pure white, some love a different neutral, and some get more colorful – but black has the effect of being different, yet still classic.

Black entry door
2. Black Doors

Especially when you’re using neutrals on the walls and in your decor, using a dramatic black or dark gray on the doors dressed them up so nicely.

3. Cabinet Interiors and Bookcase Backings

It might seem counterintuitive, but painting the interiors of your bookshelves or cabinets in a dark color like black can actually help reduce the visual clutter of whatever is on the shelf. The same holds true for built-ins. Or, rather than painting the backing, using black shelving on a light wall makes for a great statement, especially on this large wall!

Black cabinets in the kitchen
4. Black Kitchen Cabinets

I’ll confess my love for white kitchens, and our kitchen in this new house is white, too – but that doesn’t mean I can’t admire a dark dramatic black kitchen. Painting just a section of the cabinets, such as a range hood or kitchen hutch, adds interest to a lighter-colored kitchen.

5. Black Bathrooms & Vanities

Black walls look elegant without being stuffy in this bathroom makeover. Match a classy black vanity with a light blue and white trim in the bathroom.

Books in the shelf in the room
6. Use Black to Define a Space

Any time you use a dark, dramatic color, you’re defining a space – but it doesn’t have to be a whole room or an accent wall. Think outside those confines, and use a dark space to define a room or nook in an open layout.

7. Decorate With Black Accessories

And last but not least – if you’re not ready to slap paint on the walls or cabinets – give black accessories a try! This is one area that black has been popular for a while, thanks to good ol’ oil rubbed bronze spray paint. It’s great for updating cabinet and door hardware, curtain rods, and just about anything else… including lights.

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