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White furnished wardrobe
  1. If your kitchen feels old or outdated, paint the cabinets to match the rest of your updated home. A fresh, new color will have your cabinets looking like new.
  2. Built-ins add a lot of storage and can transform the look of a room. Our excellent carpentry team can make your vision a reality and help give everything a place. Open shelves for display or closed for clutter. You decide what suits your home best.
  3. Finishing the basement can add much-needed square footage without much effort. Looking for a man cave, playroom, family space…this would make such a big impact. Already have the space but not the look? Paint, built-ins, and furniture make a big difference.
Kid's bedroom

4. Have the kids moved on but their room is stuck? Repurpose bedrooms into a craft room, office or guest space. All it takes is some fresh paint and a little re-decorating.

Renovated modern bedroom
  1. Master Bedrooms are the first and last thing you see every day. Love yours? If not then now is the time to reclaim that space to be your personal heaven. Decorative molding or a fresh new color can transform the space.
  2. The simplest way to make a big change in any room is to add some color. If you’re feeling bold, repaint your kitchen in a strong new hue. If you don’t want to be quite that drastic then do an accent wall or add some bold new colored furniture.
Painter for a Day

Let our team complete small projects that make a big impact. Our Painter for a Day Special is perfect for all your small projects around the house.

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