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Homeowners know: your house is your safe space. That’s why you take every precaution, from baby gates to surge protectors. Make sure your home environment is safe for your family by identifying and testing for lead paint – especially if your home is an antique.

If lead is not properly identified and remediated, it can lead to serious health issues, especially for young children. If you notice any of the below signs of this hazard in your home, it’s time to test.

  • Paint chipping in lateral cracks that look like alligator skin. Cracks and wrinkles are usually lateral and create a pattern that looks like scales (known as ‘alligatoring’)
  • Paint easily chips off of surfaces
  • Chalky residue comes off the paint when rubbed
  • Paint chips are thick – sub layers of paint from previous owners are still present


Example of Lead Paint
Paint is cracking and chipping in the tell-tale pattern of Lead.


Lead paint removal is NOT a do-it-yourself project, since special equipment is needed to safely encapsulate sawdust and debris. Our team is EPA trained and certified to remove lead paint using EPA procedures and protocols. We know the risks of removing paint with lead, and take every precaution we possibly can to keep your family protected while we work. You can relax knowing that we always follow EPA procedure.

If you notice any of these signs, don’t wait – contact our team for testing immediately.  Our crews are trained and ready to take care of the job and get your home back to being your safe space.

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