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Is your home stuck in a color rut? Your home should tell your story with a personal color palette. Choosing your color palette can be confusing for a lot of homeowners. Will you get sick of the colors? Is it too trendy? Too dark, too warm, too cool, etc? So you either choose to go white or choose colors that are trending. Be that colors of the year or what you see on HGTV or see in magazines.

Instead, work on creating an interior design that reflects your personal style. When you design your home to reflect your personal color palette, it will outlive the trends.

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How Do You Design Your Home To Reflect Your Personal Style?

Start by figuring out your preferences. Are you more traditional or contemporary? Rustic or sleek? Dramatic or calm? Answering these questions will help you define your preferences so your home reflects your true personal aesthetic.

Still unsure? What is your favorite place to vacation? Pull color from your vacation photos. Are you relaxed on a beach or high on a mountain ready to ski? Are you a city person or more the country type?

Comparison between rooms

You can also take color inspiration from a favorite painting. Try testing some colors by painting samples on the wall and see how they reflect the light in that room.

Furthermore, you can take color inspiration from the clothes you enjoy wearing. Colors that you and your partner consistently choose to wear in clothing can transfer well into your interior. As you do in clothing, choose sophisticated neutral tones to keep the feeling of luxury. Add color in pops. Adding pops of color gives you good flexibility if you want to change accents along the way or change your style according to the seasons.

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