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Christmas decoration in the house

Home means more than ever this year and having everyone over for the holidays may have seemed like a good idea when you agreed to it last year. Back then, Covid wasn’t even a thought and there was plenty of time to redo the guest room and upgrade the powder room. But with just a few weeks to spare, the thought of opening your home to family and friends might start to feel a bit overwhelming.

If you act now, however, there is still time to make your home feel fresh and festive – without a major overhaul. Here are 6 easy holiday tips that will make your home for the holidays look and feel more inviting and welcoming for your holiday guests and help make all the season’s festivities just a bit easier.

Dining table in the house
1. Focus on Main Spaces

Concentrate on the kitchen, dining room, powder room and living areas as that is where most guests will see. A kitchen cabinet color change goes a long way. A fresh coat of paint and a new chair rail bring new life to a space. Now, it’s time to set the table with a gorgeous tablescape. Mini pumpkins are a great addition to a Thanksgiving table and pinecones and evergreen sprigs can lend the holiday spirit to a Christmas dinner.

Modern big kitchen
2. Create a Welcoming, Festive Entrance Outside and In

Greet your holiday guests with a hint of what they’ll find inside. Decorate your front entrance with fresh and fragrant boughs, bright and shimmery decorations, and lots of lights. Just a touch of seasonal decor in a foyer will welcome your guests with a festive holiday spirit.

Shelf with seating area in the room
3. Mud Rooms Are a Must!

Clients are increasingly requesting practical spaces in their homes. Built-in cabinets offer a bench for sitting to shed the layers of winter outerwear and boots. Hooks, drawers, and cupboards offer storage space for all the family’s winter gear. When the company arrives, your entrance presents a clean and tidy room with lots of space to accommodate the overflow of your guests’ hats and coats.

4. Prepare for Houseguests

Make your guests feel welcomed and loved by taking the time to tidy up the guest room and bathroom for those friends or relatives staying for a few nights. Be sure they have plenty of clean towels, toiletries, blankets, and pillows to make them feel right at home. While you are at it, make sure that your wifi name and password are easily available.

Big sofa, chair in the bedroom
5. Re-Arrange Your Photo Gallery

One way to make sure your guests feel at “home sweet home?” By putting out pictures of you and the guests. Think of it as a guest exhibit among your family photos; the thoughtful gesture will go a long way. You can also display all the beautiful photo cards you receive this year.

6. Add Mirrors Everywhere!

At this time of year, reflecting light with mirrors will add a magical, festive ambiance and sparkle to any room. Group mirrors on a wall in a mix of shapes and sizes to create a shiny, eye-catching wall display, or simply replace a painting with a large mirror just for the holiday season. You can also use mirrors for trays.

Now that’s all done, and you have your holiday meal figured out, up the cozy factor with a crackling fire going as you entertain your guests. Keep fuzzy blankets handy for those not as close to the fireplace. Enjoy cocktails and conversation with your company – you deserve it!

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