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Elegant dining area

Being that we are often asked to recommend trim colors, we wanted to share with you how to select the best white trim paint color. Plus, give you tips on how to optimize their use throughout your home.

White trim looks best when it’s a subtle crisp white contrast to the wall color but not so crisp and bright of a white that is a bright jarring white. The magic happens in space when that subtle crisp white and details pop out in the trim work and the wall color is beautifully complemented.

There are really only two circumstances in a home that impact the brightness/crisp-ness of the white trim in a home; 1) The home is filled with a lot of natural light, and 2) The home does not have a lot of natural light. In homes that are filled with an abundance of natural light, white will naturally be brighter, so it’s important to choose a white with a very subtle hint of warmth that would not go jarring bright in all the natural light. In spaces where there is average to minimal natural light, it’s important to choose a white that is brighter and would greatly help lighten a space without being jarringly bright.

How to Select the Best White Trim Paint Color

So to help, we are breaking down how to select the best white trim paint. It all comes down to bright, brighter, and brightest.

Huge windows
Benjamin Moore Simply White (Bright)

In spaces where the home is filled with a lot of natural light, select Benjamin Moore Simply White. It is a softer white with that very subtle neutral-ish undertone (even though it does have a slight tad of warmth). Simply White will help balance/diffuse the abundance of light that can cause white trim to look too bright. The abundance of natural light makes Simply White appear brighter/lighter.

White pillars
Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White (Brighter)

In homes that do not have a lot of natural light consistently throughout (probably most of our homes), use Benjamin Moore’s Decorator’s White. It is a brighter, beautiful neutral white (but not too bright). Decorator’s White can instantly lighten up space via the trim, interior doors, and cabinetry and it compliments almost every wall color. It also has a subtle crispness that is updated, fresh, and helps to make a space light and airy. Decorator’s White is a cool white with a very slight gray undertone that makes it one of the most neutral whites.

Spacious corridoor
Benjamin Moore Super White (Brightest)

For those people looking who want a gorgeous even brighter/crisp white for trim, cabinetry, and doors, I recommend Benjamin Moore Super White. Benjamin Moore Super White is as bright of a white as anyone should go (yes, there are brighter whites). Use this color in spaces that do not have an abundance of natural light and want to greatly lighten things up in the space.

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