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Elegant bathroom

The question most homeowners wonder is “What color should I paint?” Wall color is a huge decision for many. The best answer is to go neutral. For some that may mean a warm tone and cool in others. If you choose neutral paint, you can get funky with details, adding crazy patterns and textures or buying trendy chairs, throws, or pillows to give rooms a new look. It’s fun knowing that you can change the room’s look simply by swapping out a few accessories.

Neutral Trim and Molding

Want your home to make a good first impression? Focus on the foyer. Add crown molding and wainscoting in a neutral color. Entry areas get a lot of traffic. This will upgrade the look and add to the durability.

Wooden Stairs
All Neutral Room

Layering different shades of neutral in a room can create a classy and sophisticated look. The best way to choose shades of neutral to layer is by following the paint chip. Pick a couple of colors on a paint chip to layer. A lighter shade on the walls with darker upholstery will give the room a sharp look. Tie it all together with accessories in another neutral shade in the same family

Paint Your Doors

Just because you are going neutral, doesn’t mean you can’t use several neutral colors. Try painting your doors with a darker version of the color used on the walls. This will give your home a stylish drama.

Wooden doors
Play With Texture

When the color palette of a room is all neutral, texture can add a layer of warmth. In an all-neutral bedroom, add a warm throw on the end of the bed. Trim the windows with a heavy textural fabric. Or cover the floor with a lush rug.

Pick the Right Neutral for the Space

Choosing the right shade of neutral can make a small room feel bigger and a large room feels warmer. In a small space pick a lighter color to make the room feel bigger. In a large room, select a neutral with rose undertones to make the room feel warmer.

Lastly, enjoy your home and your style. The best thing about decorating with neutrals is that they are easy to change. Simply changing accessories or adding an accent wall will give a room a whole new look.

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