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Renovated house

Looking for exterior paint color combinations that will make your home feel welcoming and inviting? Fall is a perfect time to paint the exterior of your home and protect it from the cool, wet weather that is coming during winter. Many times, this includes changing the color combinations!

Before we get to the actual paint combinations, let’s think about the PROCESS of choosing an exterior paint color combination. Painting your home’s exterior isn’t something to do every year. So make the right decision the first time!

Consider These When Reviewing Exterior Paint Color Combinations
  • What style of home do you have?
  • Does your home have any fixed natural elements like brick or stone?
  • What color is your roof?
  • What color of landscaping do you have?

Each of these things can have a drastic impact on what colors will look nice on your home’s exterior, so let’s dive into each of them.

Style of Home

The first thing to consider when selecting your home’s exterior paint color combination is the style of your home.

  • Is it a single-level ranch, a large modern, or a two-story craftsman?
  • Are there lots of square windows with shutters or decorative odd-shaped windows?
  • Do you have a large wrap-around porch with a railing or stucco or siding?

For example, most wouldn’t lean towards painting a really modern home a pastel color. Modern style (with lots of straight lines and bold features) might look best with a neutral or solid primary color. So glance through some inspiration photos of homes in the same style to make sure you’re selecting a color scheme that will accentuate your home’s style, rather than compete with it.

Fixed Elements & Roof Color

The second thing to consider is if there are any fixed natural elements on your home’s exterior and your roof color. Most likely, if your home was built with brick or stone accents, you’re going to keep those intact and paint around it. Be sure the colors you choose will match or compliment the natural elements and roof of your home.

Landscaping Colors

This may sound silly, but the colors of your already-existing landscaping can be a big eyesore if they are completely different or clash with the exterior color of your paint.

Ok, without further ado, let’s get the color combos! Let us know if you have any questions!

1. Classic (Black and White)

This exterior paint color combination of a white house and trim with black shutters and doors are a classic and commonly used exterior paint scheme among farmhouse-style homes. Too simple for your style? You could easily spice things up by painting your front door a bold color like red or green!

Beautiful greenery around the house
2. Contemporary (Pale, White, Black & Brick)

This exterior paint color combination is pale on the outside of a home, and the white trim with the black shutters makes it pop! Be sure you paint your garage doors the same color as the rest of the house – painting them the trim color mistakenly makes them stand out which then takes away from the front door’s welcoming curb appeal.

House Construction
3. Craftsman (Grey, Beige, White & Wood)

Exterior paint envy comes to this combination of grey, beige and white.

4. Modern (White, Black, Brown & Stone)

Grey brick is typically found with a grey paint combination, this combination puts a bit of a modern spin on it!

Renovated House
5. White Brick

While brick can look dated, painting it white puts a bit of a modern spin on it!

Renovated House

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