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Dining area and cabinets in the kitchen

One of the questions frequently asked of painters is how long the exterior painting will last. I wish there was an easy answer to this question but there are several factors that play into this answer. The climate, other maintenance, and the paint used all figure into this answer. Westchester County did experience a very tough winter so now is the time to check your exterior and contact us for help.

In most cases, homes will need to be painted every seven years, but the weather and other maintenance can have a huge impact on how long exterior paint lasts. Homes, particularly wooden ones, located in areas with extreme temperatures may need to be painted more frequently. A wooden surface that gets several hours of sun each day may need to have a fresh coat of paint every five years. Those who live close to the beach are likely to need to have exterior painting contractors paint their homes more frequently than those living in dryer areas.

The highest quality paint is, of course, going to offer the most longevity when it comes to exterior house painting. By using the highest quality paints, Korth helps ensure the paint will be able to stand up against the elements. Using quality materials helps paint stay intact for longer periods of time, which means it will not fade, chip or peel. In most cases, high-quality paint should last at least 7 years and even longer with proper maintenance. The actual experience of the painting contractor can also influence how long a paint job will last. Korth has been in business a long time and has local references. We will take enough time to properly prepare the home’s surface prior to painting; we will repair the surface, as well as scrape, sand, or fill it where needed. This will help the paint adhere better and last a lot longer.

If you have any questions, please give the office a call and let our team of quality Westchester painters help with your needs. #korth_painting

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