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Modern living room

No matter how big or small your house is, 2020 has taught us you can always use more space. Whether you like to entertain or just want a bigger feel for your family, there are many ways to maximize your square footage. Here are some clever ways to find more space in many rooms of your home.

White living area
Add a Mudroom

Your living areas can always use more space, but they tend to get the most cluttered. Maximize your living spaces with built-ins for the purpose. When guests come over, provide a convenient, designated space for shoes and coats that’s accessible without being in the way.

Make Bedrooms Multifunctional

Bedrooms aren’t just for sleeping. In the kids’ rooms, create other zones for playing and homework. Give them their own “drop zone” for their backpack. In your room, why not add an area for the computer or a reading nook?

Empty white wardrobe
Add Vertical Storage

Floor to ceiling built-in bookshelves adds storage space to help clear clutter, but also provide a design feature. They may even make your ceilings look taller, which creates the illusion of a bigger room.

Green furnished cabinets
Show Your Laundry Room Some Love

That poor laundry room tends to be neglected. But giving it maximum storage and keeping it organized can make your life a lot easier and cut clutter in other areas of the house. It might be as simple as adding built-ins or open shelving.

Empty auditorium area
Finish the Attic Space in Your Home

We have transformed what was once an empty attic space into a lovely, useable, modern office and flex space for many families! This is also an equity booster – adding many square feet for many purposes.

Empty living room
Finish the Basement

Finishing a basement is one of the best ways to build equity in your home and capture more livable square footage. The result is a room for more space for my family to enjoy.

Spacious dining area
Paint Color

Some homes feel more open than others and that can also be the colors of the home. Lighter colors feel more open than darker. Yet properly placed color draws your eye.

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