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Big bed in the room

Are you expecting a baby? Is your child outgrowing their current room? Do your kids complain about their bedroom? Ever consider redoing it? Now maybe the perfect time while they are away at camp. Your kid’s room could be stylish and beautiful and we can help. Here are a few questions to ask yourself, before deciding on the makeover.

  1. Is your child hitting a big life change? Is your child about to transition from a crib to a toddler bed or from a toddler bed to a full bed? Are you expecting a new baby?
    If YES to any of these questions, then a room makeover is required. Paint is the answer.
  2. Is your child’s room still designed as a nursery, while the child is now five years old? It may be time to remove the baby changing table and replacing with a school desk. New paint color may be the transition from a nursery to a boy or girl’s room.
  3. Is your child beginning to display a sense of style and discovering themselves? Teenagers may begin to show their sense of style and even younger kids may begin to have an interest in cartoon characters like Spiderman, Dora, Hannah Montana, etc. If yes, this is a time to makeover their rooms to create a space showing their personality and their color preferences.
  4. Celebrate achievements. If your child has got good grades in school, good in sports, arts or music. You can celebrate that by promising them a room makeover. This will inspire them to achieve more in that space.

The good news is that a new look is achievable, the first step in almost any redo is paint. Ask yourself these questions and call Korth & Shannahan at 914-238-5388 and schedule us to come paint. #korthpaint @korth_paint

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