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Hello, friends and supporters of Korth and Shannahan. For those of you who attended last week’s Scarsdale Sidewalk Sale, thank you for your participation. The event was a great success and so were the results from our Free Painter for a Day Raffle.

Thank you to Carolyn Stevens and Lewis Arlt from the Scarsdale Chamber of Commerce,, for their hard work and leadership. Also, a big thanks to Michelle Anderson of La Dentelliere,, for allowing us to put up our booth in front of her storefront.

Will (owner) and Tom (estimator) were able to answer all kinds of questions related to service, painting, color selection, carpentry repairs, etc. There was also plenty of schwag to go around so if you were low on pens and didn’t make it out last week, you missed your chance to stock up Korth and Shannahan ballpoint pens and will have to wait till Chappaqua Community Day, coming in September.

This year’s Scarsdale Side Walk Sale-Raffle Winner is Debbie Anders. Ms. Anders’ name was drawn from the raffle yesterday (See Picture Above) and has been notified of her win. She now has the opportunity to set up an appointment with our office to receive an estimate for free interior or exterior painting and carpentry. We will meet Ms. Anders, outline a scope of work that can be accomplished within a day, and complete the work within the next several weeks. Thanks to all who participated in the raffle and better luck next time.

We understand that some who participated in our raffle could still have work in mind. We encourage you to call in with questions or a request for an estimate. Korth and Shannahan want to be your painter whether your project is small or big.

Call the Korth Painting Team Today