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Furniture in the room

Paint is the easiest way to personalize your space and add a touch of personal style. You can go modern or traditional, farmhouse or romantic, high energy or calm depending on color choice. Paint color can also be used to give the illusion of more space. Lighter shades give the illusion of space compared to darker shades would in the same room.

9 Ways To Decorate Using Paint
Painted Rooms
1. Try an Accent Wall

Accent walls draw your eye in and can make your paintings or display items pop. Choose the color that you like most from your favorite furniture piece.

Fireplace inside the room with furniture
2. Paint Nooks and Arches a Shade Darker

Painting your nooks or arches in the same color but a shade darker will draw the eye that way without breaking the space up.

3. Paint Your Woodwork

Don’t like the look of your woodwork? Wood is traditional but the stain can go from light to dark which will also offer a drastic change. Painting it white or black will give it a whole new look.

Staircase in the house
4. Pick Colors To Support Positive Emotions

Painting your bedroom suite in a softer calming color will make it more restful over say red which brings energy up. Your office has a brighter hue will up your energy while in there.

5. Repurpose a Room

Kids outgrow their space as well. The nursery may need to be updated to a ballerina studio or baseball room. Teens spend more time in their rooms socializing so the paint could help define and differentiate areas.

6. Paint The Door

Looking to add a pop of color? Consider painting the door a bright turquoise or red. This will make a statement when coming and going.

Staircase inside a room
7. Try Chalk or White Board Paint

Chalk or whiteboard paint can be added to an office area to make the space function better. You can write lists or messages on the wall in the area you are most.

8. Use Color To Unify a Space

If your area has an open floor plan, color can be used to unify the space. White cabinets matching the built-ins around the family area fireplace. Also, consider unifying the hardware throughout the space.

9. Play With Finish

The finish of your paint also adds its own look and purpose. Gloss or Matt or eggshell in the same paint all give a very different look. Consider the function of the room and its durability.

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