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Before and after image of a house

Check out our tips to get the most curb appeal – while turning your neighbors’ heads.

Dry grass in the bucket
Clean Up

The easiest way to enhance curb appeal is deep cleaning your home’s exterior. Sure, you’ll want to trim bushes, sweep and mow your lawn, but there’s more to curb appeal than keeping a tidy front yard. If dirt and grime are on your home’s exterior, powerwash is the spring cleaning your exterior needs. It can really freshen up your exterior, driveway, sidewalk, and fence.

When it comes to your windows, spraying them with a garden hose isn’t enough. For maximum sparkle, clean your windows outside and inside by hand.

Add Shutters

Shutters are an easy way to accentuate the size of your windows. They make your windows look larger and add visual interest to a bland exterior wall. For maximum curb appeal, choose a shutter color that contrasts with your home’s color to make it pop.

Before and after image of a house
Paint Accent Areas

Paint is a quick and easy curb appeal booster. Instead of painting the entire exterior of your home, focus on the trim, door, and shutters. But before you decide on a color, consider your home’s exterior color along with your home’s natural style.

Before and after image of a door
Give Your Door a Face-Lift

If you don’t love your front door, you don’t need to replace it. Think paint or consider adding molding, which offers a decorative frame for your door that welcomes visitors.

Replace Your House Numbers

If you’d rather not add house numbers to your freshly painted door, here are some alternative ideas:

  • Paint a terra-cotta planter with your house number and place it by your doorstep.
  • Add house numbers to a post planter near your front porch.
  • Use your front porch stair riser’s real estate by hanging or painting numbers there.
Front door of a house
Update Your Light Fixtures

Replacing your exterior light fixtures is another curb appeal must. And if you want to save on lighting, LED bulbs can do wonders.

Add Furniture and Throw Pillows

The exterior of your home should be welcoming. Brightly colored outdoor chairs or throw pillows will do the trick.

Beautiful pink flowers outside the house window
Don’t Forget the Small Things

Upgrade your mailbox: Install a new mailbox or spray paint your existing mailbox.

Plant a tree: A charming tree can up your curb appeal.

Build a tree bench: If you already have a tree you love, build a bench around it! Great for napping, picnicking, or just hiding exposed roots. A wraparound tree bench can also be painted to accent your home.

Install flower boxes: Flower boxes are a quick way to add some life and color to your windows or try a container garden by your front porch.

Hide eyesores: Place a small lattice fence around your air conditioner, and hide your trash bins behind a small fence. You can also hide your hose in a pot or storage bench.

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