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Modern kitchen

As the weather warms, most people turn their attention to landscaping their yards or exterior. However, as any design-lover knows, this is also the perfect time to open the windows and give your indoor space a makeover as well. Here are some ways you can spruce your home this summer.

Paint Your Cabinets

Don’t let convention limit you when it comes to your kitchen cabinets. Make an old room feel new and renovated by painting your cabinetry for a modern look. This is a perfect time since you can do so much more living outdoors.

Cabinet Repaint
Paint Your Bedroom to Sleep Better

Have you considered painting your master bedroom to echo hotel rooms where you remember sleeping great? Think about rooms where you’ve gotten the best sleep. Were they bright rooms? Dark moody rooms? Pinpoint the hue, then consider painting your bedroom that color. It might just help you catch more zzzs.

Finally, Tackle That Accent Wall

If you’ve been dreaming of making a statement in a plain white room of yours, take the plunge and create an accent wall this summer. The trend has been around for a while, but it’s just as impactful as ever.

Modern bathroom
Try a Statement Ceiling

Paint trends are looking up this year — literally — and you can transform any room of your home with a statement ceiling.

Spacious living room
Repurpose a Space You’re Not Using

Not only will it make your home more functional, but it’ll prevent an unused room from becoming a catch-all for clutter. Finishing a basement or attic into a playroom or office really adds square footage.

Wash basin
White Beadboard

Create a crisp tailored look with white painted beadboard. Beadboard dresses up a room, adding both texture and interest to the walls. It is easy to install and gives any room a timeless appeal. Add a wainscot or extend it all the way to the ceiling.

Soft Neutrals

Say goodbye to dark rooms. Instead, create a room that’s ready to let the sunshine in with soft neutral shades of white, ivory, and cream. Mix in accessories in soft tones to add a tranquil and inviting feeling.

Install Molding

Enhance your home by installing crown molding and baseboards throughout. This simple, subtle touch yields a huge impact because it adds a polished touch that gives a space a high-end look.

Wooden Stairs
Take Your Stairs to the Next Level

Freshen your foyer by ripping up that grimy and dated stair runner and replacing it with a few coats of paint. Ripping out the old carpet and painting the stairs black or white will provide a clean canvas that you can easily manipulate to reflect your personal style.

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