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Paint Box & Brush in Westchester County
9 Common Painting Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

These mistakes range from minor to seriously major, but don’t worry. We’ve got a solution to every last one.

1. Not Comparing Paint Samples in the Actual Room’s Light

This is a huge mistake that newbies make all the time. Have you ever gone to the home and garden store, picked out a color you thought was pretty, and had the paint made right on the spot? Picking a paint color quickly isn’t wise. It’s always best to select a handful of colors that you think will look good and eliminate them by comparing them to the natural light of the room you are painting. This will give a true sense of what the color will look like.

Color patches on the wall
2. Not Prepping the Walls for Paint – At All

This is one of the most major painting mistakes out there that tons of new and old painters make, so don’t feel too bad about it. It’s a pretty easy step to skip, but also a very easy and quick step to take care of. Most people will begin going to town with painting without considering the amount of dirt, oil, or scratches that have built up on the wall’s surface over time. Even though interior paint is fairly thick and opaque, it can’t quite cover up all the imperfections. Some types of dirt and oil can actually bleed through the surface of a fresh coat of paint long after it has dried. Proper prep is essential to a good-looking, long-lasting paint job.

3. Painting on Rotten Wood

Fresh paint isn’t a solution for wood that’s rotting. The wood needs to be replaced before painting. In fact, imperfections in the walls should be patched up with compounds, as well. Give the compound plenty of time to dry or it will spoil the look of your paint job.

Rotten wood near the window
4. Using the Wrong Paint, Mix, or Finish for Your Paint Job

Interior house paint types vary significantly. From mixes to tints to finishes to primers, each type of paint and combination of paint will look very different on a specific interior wall in a specific area of the home. This makes it very easy to make one of the biggest painting mistakes around– picking the wrong type of paint for your specific space. Speak to an expert to find out the best type of paint and finish for your project.

5. Missing Spots

This painting mistake happens to pros as well as newbies. If you’re in a rush or painting a large room, it’s very easy to miss a spot or spread the paint a little too thin in certain spots. Once you’ve noticed the mishap, don’t grab your leftover paint just yet. Wait for the whole wall to dry thoroughly and then touch up the area.

6. Leaving Fixtures Exposed

Before painting, cover doorknobs, light fixtures, and anything else in the room other than the surface to be painted. You don’t want to end up with paint-splotched doorknobs or wall plates.

7. Painting the Ceiling Last

If you’re painting the ceiling as well as the walls, it’s important to paint the ceiling first. Otherwise, there’s a good chance that the new paint job on the walls will be spoiled with drips from the ceiling.

8. Painting a Wet Surface

It’s important that the paint surface is dry. After washing the walls, leave adequate time for them to thoroughly dry. In humid weather, allow even more time for the drying out process. Problems caused by painting on a wet surface include peeling and blistering of the paint.

9. Not Using Primer

Primer gives your paint a sound surface to adhere to, and it improves the look of the fresh shade. Primer is especially important if you’re painting over a different, darker color or if there are stains on the wall

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