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Modern living room

A new year brings about all sorts of new beginnings. We are motivated to improve ourselves and our homes. One of the best ways to upgrade your home is by adding more space. There are many simple ways to add more space to your home without a costly addition. Try one of the 6 ways to add more space to your home below.

Enclose a Patio

Don’t use your patio much? Enclose it and turn it into your new favorite room. Enclosing a patio simply involves putting up some walls, a roof, and a foundation. Be sure to include access to your home during the renovation to make your new room feel like part of the house.

Finish a Garage

A finished garage is a great space for a home gym, playroom for the kids, or man cave.

Gym Area
Add a Dormer

Looking for a simple expansion that’ll give you more space in your home? A new dormer in a cramped, underused attic might just be the ticket. It’ll create the additional headroom you need to make a comfortable living space–an extra bedroom, studio, or playroom. And a dormer window provides natural light, fresh air, and perhaps some dramatic treetop views. Dormers look great from the outside, too, adding variety to a plain front and improving your home’s curb appeal, not to mention the resale value.

Kid's Room
Finish the Attic

An attic is usually the full size of your home but not counted in the square footage nor used to its full capacity. Why not finish it in a play area or office?

Modern living room
Finish the Basement

Just like the attic, the basement is a lot of unfinished space. With special framing and insulating techniques, your basement can be as comfortable as any other room in your home.

Turn a Closet Into a Built-in Office

Don’t let an unused closet go to waste. An unused closet can be converted into an office area and can be changed back when you need more storage.

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