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Sofa in the room

The easiest way to change the look of a room is with color. A colorful door, accent wall, or piece of furniture may be all it takes to create a whole new look. If you need inspiration on the best ways to incorporate color into your home, look no further than HGTV or Pinterest. Look at the rooms you are planning to update and pull some inspiration. Color doesn’t have to cover everything but you can add a favorite that matches the room’s personality and use it in many ways.

Staircase inside a room
1. Doors

Choose a front door color that matches your personality. The front door is the perfect example of a color trend that’s here to stay. Want to add more color inside? Paint the pantry door or mudroom entry. Why have boring doors when you can go for something more beautiful?

3 different painting color styles for a room
2. Walls

By adding a statement wall to your all-white or neutral home, it makes the color pop even more. It can add energy or serenity depending on your color choice.

3. Curtains

A great way to add dimension to a room is through curtains. Luxurious fabric in a deep color adds a rich feel.

Blue shutters of a window
4. Shutters and Planter Box

Set your house apart by using a rich color to paint the shutters and planter boxes. It immediately draws the eye to the front of the home and can tie it in with the landscaping.

5. Custom Painted Furniture

A fresh coat of paint is the perfect way to make old furniture new again. Simply changing the color and adding new hardware can give an old piece of furniture a whole new feel.

6. Closets or Built-Ins

Not looking to redo the whole bedroom? Closets are a great spot to experiment with color. A colorful back wall or built-in can really pop against all your treasures.

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