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Wooden Stairs

Deck repairs can be expensive if problem areas are not immediately addressed. Simple preventative measures can help avoid costly repairs while prolonging the life of your outdoor space.

Power washing your deck every year, no matter what it is made of is the first step in preventative maintenance. In addition to power washing, if your deck is wood, paint it or stain it once every 3-4 years, to protect the wood and prolong the life of your deck. Composite-type decks just need to be hosed off and kept clean.

Wooden coridoor area
5 Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Westchester Deck

Pressure wash to remove dirt and debris. From here it’s best to leave it overnight to dry.

Take care of loose boards and nails by removing the nail and using a screw longer than the original, fasten the board down to the beam. This will eliminate movement and noise.

Two men working in backyard
  1. Seal wood before using the deck! A fresh coat of paint or stain can help preserve the wood give it new life. Use a protector with UV protection, it will hold color for longer.
  2. Repair split wood to avoid splinters! Not only do broken boards make your deck look old, but they can cause injury. It’s important to replace this old wood with new planks.
  3. Tired of maintaining your wood? Try a composite wood which although it is more expensive it requires much less maintenance and lasts longer.
Wooden Flooring

Give our office a call today to handle your Westchester deck issues before the winter hits and a quick fix turns into a costly repair.

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