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Nice big living room with furniture
1. Painting Monochromatic

Although paint doesn’t add extra space it can give the appearance of being larger. Lighter colors and mirrors add that illusion of more space.

Before and after image of a room
2. Converting the Basement

Don’t let all that empty space underneath your home go to waste. A basement remodel is a great way to add the space you need to your home. Need a bigger laundry room? Want a guest bedroom? Adult space? A playroom? A basement can be just about anything you desire. Finishing a basement is great because available floor space is often equal to existing first-story floor space.

Newly painted basement
3. Taking Down an Interior Wall

Turn two rooms into one larger room. Again, we are in the realm of creating the illusion of space, rather than creating actual space. Many interior walls are not load-bearing and can easily be removed. However, load-bearing walls are a different story. It’s usually best to leave two rooms as two rooms.

4. Repurpose a Room

Yes, it’s the old Enclose-The-Porch-and-Turn-It-Into-a-Living-Room trick! An unused space can be turned into a new favorite room with just a little imagination.

Shelf in the room with television
Add Built Ins

When everything has a place, it makes your home feel bigger. Our carpentry team can create custom built-ins or cabinets to turn on used space into beautifully organized space.

No need to move to a larger home. A few simple home improvement projects are all it takes to make your current home feel more spacious.

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