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Kitchen platform with bowls

Every year there are experts predicting color trends. Which shades can you expect to see in the coming year from some of the biggest names in paint?

Pantone color of the year
Ultimate Gray and Illuminating by Pantone

The global authority on color put a surprising spin on its highly anticipated color of the year announcement: Pantone chose two contrasting shades as its top picks for 2021.

Ultimate Grey is a practical and dependable neutral, and a sunny yellow, called Illuminating, combine to reflect a sense of resilience and optimism as we close out a difficult year. These colors are perfect for painted walls or upholstered furniture.

Ultimate Gray is a timeless neutral that provides a grounding foundation for interiors. While Illuminating adds a dash of brightness and positivity when used on accent furniture, wall decor, accessories like pillows and throws, or even a door. The high-contrast pairing creates an energetic look. While warm undertones tie the two colors together. It’s an ideal combination as we look forward to brighter days ahead.

Kitchen cabinets
Satin Paprika by Rust-Oleum

Popular spray-paint brand Rust-Oleum named an earthy, spicy hue called Satin Paprika for its 2021 color of the year. Warm and cozy, the red color accompanies nine other trending shades. Satin Paprika anchors each of the three distinct palettes, which were curated to complement outdoor living spaces, modern boho aesthetics, and midcentury modern style.

color of the year
Aegean Teal by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore selected a soft, soothing blue-green for its 2021 color of the year. Aegeon Teal Mixes the tranquil nature of blue with green’s association with wellness, while a gray undertone keeps the color modern. The color’s calming qualities make it a good choice for bedrooms or home offices, and its casual elegance shines on kitchen cabinetry or built-ins.

Modern Bedroom
Passionate by HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams

HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams predicts vibrant, daring colors will reign supreme in the coming year. The brand’s 2021 color of the year, Passionate, is a rich, saturated red that blurs the line between modern and traditional. The bold yet elegant hue, Passionate’s deep red creates an invigorating backdrop for neutral furniture and nature-inspired accents.

Modern Bedroom
Urbane Bronze by Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin-Williams selected a rich, bold neutral as its 2021 color of the year. Inspired by nature, Urbane Bronze is a warm, grounding shade of gray-brown intended to reflect our current need for serenity and stability. The home is now the ultimate retreat from the world, and the color is an easy and effective way to create a personal haven. Urbane Bronze encourages you to create a sanctuary space for mindful reflection and renewal.

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