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A handyman can perform a number of common household issues that arise during homeownership. Our guys are local handymen who are trained professionals that specialize in a number of different areas. We are licensed and insured and have decades of experience performing almost any job. Here are some simple jobs we can help you with to spruce up your home:

Wooden flooring

Fixing or refinishing Vanities – don’t like the color of your vanity or is it showing signs of age & minimal water damage? Let us repair any damage & repaint for a fresh new look.

Installation or Replacement of Cabinet Hardware – new updated hardware is the simplest way to modernize your kitchen or built-in cabinets.

Modern cabinets

Install interior and/or exterior doors – are your doors out of alignment or having issues? Let us install new doors for energy efficiency & safety.

A girl fixing the door

Closet door replacement – hate those shutter doors or outdated mirrors? Let us install modern lighter doors or a barn door for a different look.

Beadboard and wainscoting installation looks great in almost any area where walls often show damage. Playrooms, bathrooms, kitchens & pantries all become more durable.

Renovated kitchen

Kitchen remodeling and repairs – are you having problems with your doors or drawers? Or do you just hate the cabinets? Let us paint them out & repair the damage at a quarter of the price of a new kitchen.

Attic Insulation – is your energy cost skyrocketing? Heat rises so let us help you save with attic insulation & keep that heat from escaping.

Renovated stairs

Banister And Handrails – are yours outdated or no longer as steady as they once were? Let us repair or modernize. A fresh coat of paint also gives a new look.

Hanging Shelves – not looking for built-ins but still wish you had a place for everything? Let us hang shelves for you.

Storm Door Installation – storm doors add another layer of safety for your home. Let us give you a free quote and a few options.

Wall painted in red color

Paint Touch-Ups – not quite ready for a new paint color but those marks are driving you crazy? Give us a call to professionally touch up that same paint job at a minimal cost.

Green border

Woodpecker Repairs – we are getting more calls for woodpecker damage to siding, decks & trim. Woodpeckers will peck where they think there’s food causing holes. We can repair this damage & try to best match the repaired area.

We are currently running our painter/carpenter for a day special which is the best time to cover those honey-do & handyman projects. If you live in Westchester or Fairfield Counties please give our office a call for a free estimate. Korth & Shannahan is the best contractor in the Best of Westchester. 914-238-5388.

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