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Home for sale board in front of the house

So you have decided to sell your home, and there are questions about repairs to make before listing your home. There are so many to choose from. And they’re mounting with each passing year.  In weighing what to fix and what not to fix, you will find many checklists, and below you will see the top ones Westchester Realtors have asked us to help their listings with.

Pipe from house roof
1. Clean, Paint, and Align Gutters and Downspouts

Every homeowner should inspect their gutters to know they are cleaned and aligned. Many never even thought about painting them!

2. Check the Foundation for Cracks and Repairs

Let’s see. 100+ year old foundation. Water issues in the basement. Yes, cracks will be found and repairs will be needed.

3. Clean Grease and Old Spills From the Driveway

One plus of living in the suburbs is not looking for parking but definitely clean it up to increase your curb appeal.

Man cleaning the house from exterior

Power washing is a spring clean for the exterior

4. Wash or Paint the Exterior

If the paint on your home is in good condition and the color is appealing, all you may need is a quick power wash to make your home shine. However, if there’s peeling paint or if the color is dated, it may be time for some painting.

House roof
5. Inspect and Clean the Chimney

An important, annual maintenance item.

6. Repair/Replace Worn Roof Shingles

Checking your roof yearly and repairing old shingles could save you on a new roof. Especially since we live in the northeast.

Bathroom bedboard

bathrooms recaulked

7. Caulk Tubs, Showers, and Sinks

This can show on an inspection and cause costly repairs.

8. Make Sure Toilets and Faucets Work Well

An old home equals old plumbing so you may want to call in professionals. The inspectors usually check everyone.

9. Fix Broken Windows, Shutters, Screens

Windows are easy to spot for issues and can also improve curb appeal. Did you know we can help you replace your windows or doors?

Bone fire in the house

Neutral homes sell quicker

10. Touch Up or Repaint Walls Neutral Color

The navy living room walls and bright pink teen bedroom are top of the list. Many coats will be needed if you do not know the right primer. Most home buyers like a neutral pallet so they can customize it themselves. Think white or ivory or grey depending on your home.

11. Install New Flooring if Needed

Your carpet stains cannot be covered by furniture during the final walk-through. Now is the time to do a deep clean and assess if new carpeting is needed.

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