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A man repairing the shutters
10 Simple Ways To Prepare Your Home For Winter

Now that fall is officially upon us in Westchester, it’s time to prepare your home for winter. These steps will help lower your utility bills and protect your investment. Start winterizing buildings in the summer. The cost of heating your property can take a big bite out of your paycheck very quickly.

Damaged wood outside the house
1. Check for Rotting Wood

Replacing this now will help avoid problems in wet weather. Look up at all the areas around the roof and windows and down at the areas around the landscape. Now is the best time to seal any bare wood before the cold/wet weather hits.

Wooden path cleaning
2. Power Wash

Power wash your exterior to remove the dirt and mildew now before it becomes worse. Paint and seal after washing.

3. Insulate Your Attic

Heat rises and will escape through a poorly insulated attic.

4. Replace Old Windows With Double Pane Windows

This can save you money on heating and cooling costs. Korth & Shannahan Painting and Carpentry are Pella certified window specialists. Call us today 914-238-5388.

5. Caulk Cracks Around Windows and Doors To Eliminate Drafts

Be sure to use water-resistant caulk on the outside of buildings.

Man checking the window
6. Add Weather Stripping to Doors and Windows

Keep your home warm and energy costs low by creating a tight seal. Now is the time to check and replace.

7. Install Outlet Gaskets to Electric Outlets Located on Outer Walls

The gaskets will eliminate drafts when you prepare your house for winter.

8. Clean Your Furnace and Replace the Air Filter

Dirty air filters clog the flow of air and could start a fire. Service your wood-burning stove. Have a professional chimney sweep come out to clean and inspect your wood stove.

9. Clean Gutters

Clean gutters after all the leaves are down. Leaves and other debris will clog your gutters, which could create an ice dam on your roof and damage both inside and out.

10. Close Outside Vents to Your House

As soon as it starts to get cold, close outside vents. Closing the vents will help winterize your home.

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