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What Can You Expect When You Hire Us?

When you’re entrusting a company with something as important as your home, you have certain expectations about how the job will be done and how the company carries themselves. Here are 5 ways the Korth team ensures your happiness and satisfaction:

Starting with your first call, you’ll be treated with the utmost respect and courtesy by our office staff. All of your questions will be answered thoroughly and a clear, concise estimate will be made based on your needs.

We work around your schedule starting with the estimate. Moreover, we provide an accurate estimate of a job completion date. A fully manned, professional painting crew shows up on time, every day until the job is done. We have such confidence in our team that we can guarantee your job is completed on time, weather permitting.

After the initial estimate is done, you’ll receive a pre-job visit with the Estimator and Foreman. This is a critical step in our planning process. All job details and colors are reviewed carefully in advance of the job starting. Once the job begins, we start with a thorough surface preparation process and use only the highest quality materials.

Throughout your project, the crew foreman will communicate with you extensively. If you have any questions or concerns, you can discuss them freely with your crew foreman.

You’ll have an opportunity to carefully review all work before signing off on the job. And, you’ll receive a follow up from your Estimator to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the job. Finally, you receive a clear and concise invoice from our office and delivery of your 4 year guarantee certificate.

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If you want your home looking its best for year to come, give us a call or click the button to request a free estimate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of the job is a function of the quantity of the work required and the quality of the work required to complete the project with an excellent result. Korth & Shannahan expects excellent results on the projects we take on. Moreover, we have a 4-Year Guarantee on all our projects. At Korth & Shannahan, our scopes reflect the amount of time and materials required to finish your job with superb, long-lasting results.

Korth and Shannahan carries Workman’s Compensation and General Liability on our entire staff and on your home. Because of how we choose to insure our operation, the customer’s liability is significantly lower when working with us rather than our competitors. Korth and Shannahan is FULLY insured, so when you work with us, you never have to worry about legal issues if someone is injured on your property.

Typical lead time in the summer season is about four weeks. However, lead times in the winter are more like two weeks. Regardless of the season, all new projects are given an accurate start date window when project process begins. And, our office will stay in touch with you to fine tune the details as the start date approaches.

The length of the job varies greatly with the size of the job. Our office will coordinate with you regarding the length of your job. A few interior rooms might just take a few days. A full exterior repaint might be 2 to 3 weeks. Communication by our crew with the customer is the critical component when managing the length of the job.

Your job will be staffed with a trained crew of full-time employees. We never use subcontractors or day laborers unlike much of our competition. This is critical for our quality control because our trained staff know our processes and systems.

Our proposals are contract prices that protect the customer from the problems attached with an “estimate”. Painting projects should always be handled with a contract price. Korth & Shannahan is confident in our estimating system and our expertise to measure time and materials so that we can always give a contract price with confidence.

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Questions You Should Ask

Korth and Shannahan is a certified lead renovator. We follow our protocol required when working on a house with lead paint. We use a Festool sanding system which is hooked up to have HEPA vacuums. This allows us to remove dangerous lead paint while we capture the dust. Korth and Shannahan is very experienced in handling lead paint and is an expert in the industry.

If we caused damage to your property, we will own up to it. Accidents do happen from time to time on job sites, but the important thing is to replace or pay for the item quickly and deal with the situation with complete honesty.

All our painters have their OSHA 10 training. Additionally, everyone on our team are Certified Lead Renovators. Korth and Shannahan holds monthly safety meetings on the second Tuesday of each month. At these meetings we train on a different aspect of job site safety. Safety is a critical aspect to our success at Korth & Shannahan and we take it very seriously.

If your house was well painted you should expect a 7 to 10 year re-paint cycle. Solid preparation and number of coats applied are the critical components to how long your paint job will hold up.

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Other Frequently Asked Questions

Before hiring any painting company, you should have a basic understanding of their painting process. Good preparation is the key to long lasting and beautiful work, so our process for exterior paint jobs is both professional and thorough:

  • All areas are to be protected with drop cloths.
  • All surfaces or to be soaked with mildicide and fully pressure washed to remove all dirt and mildew.
  • All peeling paint to be machine sanded to a feathered finish.
  • All shingles in detail work to be prepared with hand tools.
  • All glossy surfaces will be light sanded to assure proper adhesion.
  • Replacement carpentry (if specified) will be performed to replace all rotten or damaged wood and assure proper adhesion of the paint.
  • All open seams in siding and trim to be fully caulked to seal out moisture.
  • All holes and divots on siding and trim to be filled with two component epoxy.
  • All prepared surfaces and bare wood to fully primed.
  • Factory finish on all gutters to be cleaned. Previously painted gutters to be repainted.
  • Exterior glass to be razored clean at the completion of the work.
  • Apply two coats of the highest quality Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams paints to surfaces.
  • Job site to be left clean.

We treat your home like it’s our own. That means we take great care during the preparation and execution of your paint job to ensure a high quality finish while respecting your home. Our process for interior paint jobs is:

  • All furnishings and floors will be covered and protected.
  • Walls and ceiling will be scraped, patched, sanded. Prep work to be reinspected and recoated with compound as necessary before final coats are applied.
  • Cracks in walls and ceilings will be filled with compound, let dry and sanded smooth.
  • More advanced cracks or receive an application of fiberglass tape. Apply two coats of plaster and sand smooth.
  • Glossy services and trim will be sanded and cleaned it to assure proper adhesion.
  • Rough areas due to previous paint failure will be scraped and sanded.
  • Cracks in the wood trim and along wall/trim interface will be caulked.
  • A stain sealer will be applied to water and tannin wood stains.
  • Walls and surfaces to be primed.
  • Work area will be cleaned up and vacuumed. All debris will be taken away.
  • Upon completion, leftover paint will be labeled and left at the job site.
  • Hardware will be removed and reinstalled. This includes curtain rod’s, window latches, switch plates, cover plates. Door knobs, thermostats, alarm systems will not be removed.
  • Apply two coats of the highest quality Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams paint to all surfaces.

If a painter does not use a proper primer for the surface, the paint could crack quickly, or look dull. We use both oil based and latex primers depending on what’s best for the application. Oil primers are better at blocking tannins and stains from the wood. Latex primers are superior with adhesion issues and color blocking.

We use a latex/ silicone hybrid caulk. It’s outstanding at sealing out water and is completely paintable.

Low VOC and no VOC environmentally friendly paints are available to you as a part of our specifications. These are high-performing paints without any odor or VOCs. Low VOC paints typically add about 5% to the total job cost.

We specifically use Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams paints.

Machine sanding is our preferred way of removing failing paint from the substrate. This removes the maximum amount of paint and allows us to sand the surface to a feathered finish. Machine sanding gives us the best finished product at the end of the job. Moreover, it gives us the longest lasting paint job.

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man prepping wall for painting

What Is the Process?

The most important aspect of any paint job is preparation. Good preparation ensures that the paint looks its best, lasts a long time, and guarantees your project is completed on time. That’s why we take pride in our multi-step, client-driven preparation process. When you first meet with us, you’ll find that we do a lot of listening and not much speaking. That’s because we want to find out what is most important to you so that we can first prepare a proposal that best fits your needs and budget. Then, once you approve the proposal, we begin preparing your home for the painting process. Not many painting companies do proper surface preparation before they begin a job because it can be time-consuming and difficult. However, thorough preparation is critical in the overall results of any paint job. Poor surface preparation guarantees quick failure of the work. Going through the critical steps of washing, sanding, caulking, glazing, and priming make a huge difference in the overall performance of the job. The well-prepared project will look significantly better upon completion and last many years longer than its poorly prepared counterpart. In fact, a thoroughly prepared (albeit more expensive) project is actually the best value because the job lasts so much longer than its less expensive counterpart. A cheaply done job can end up being a costly mistake. If you want your home looking its best for years to come, give us a call or click the button to request a free estimate.

Not Sure What Color to Pick?

Color selection is a critical factor in any successful paint job. Not being sure about color can be very frustrating and stressful, even if you’re down to deciding between 2 different shades of blue.

Our estimators and foreman are expert color consultants and will work with you closely to furnish color swatches and color samples as you work your way through the selection process.

Moreover, in the event that you need additional assistance with the color selection, we offer a color consultation with an experienced color consultant for free. Color consultants bring a new level of expertise when making interior design decisions.


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