2017 Color

By Korth Painting | FEATURED WORK

imageIt’s time to discuss which home decor trends will define this year but it’s not as clear as its been in the past.

On the color front, sophisticated hues are poised to take center stage, according to color analysts, which has predictions for colors to keep an eye on in 2017. They have divided its selections into three palettes — Confident, Composed, and Comfortable — and if they are any indication, we’ll be drawing decor inspiration from our personalities in the year ahead.

Creative, social types will be drawn to the Confident palette, dusky blues, spicy reds, and lime greens, designed to captivate your attention. Then for the traditionalists, there’s the Composed palette. Its earthy greens and taupes. And it’s all about pale pastels in the Comfortable range, characterized by light pinks, blues, and yellows that make the smallest of spaces pop.

We’ve already seen some of these shades make waves in the past. But color choices in your home is really a personal preference. Give us a call if you need any painting help in Westchester or Greenwich 914-238-5388.

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